5 things you do not know about your Facebook account protection

It is the third person who does not know who else or anyone else is, that is not what you or Facebook company is doing to run your life.1.Who is this third person?Everyone calls this third person a ‘hacker’. The hacker is your Facebook account password and a mile id stealer. What is the hacker? How Height. We published about this post in our previous post.Now is the question ahead of us

 How to keep our Facebook account secure?

2. Be careful before becoming a member

 Make sure you have someone around you while logging in. This is because you feel like Silly read it below. They use your Facebook password to login to your account. Your privacy is open to hundreds of thousands of people.

3. Do not Sign In To-Beat All Website (Pishing)Hacking this hack is called Pushin. That’s the page or website you want to make free money or a refresh. So they say that you are logged in but there’s no recharge there is so much so you just do not have to worry about it. Just sit and sit down.They will use your account and need them. These are the ones that look like the Facebook login page to see, which are made with HTML help, which are often found at So the Facebook company has decided to share the link of wapka pages on Facebook with the view and vision of its members. So do not log in on the website that looks like wapka and facebook login page only login at

4.About Facebook friendsIt’s easy to make a new friend with Facebook, but do not accept that somebody has requested you.Because a single person makes a three account and sends you a request, it’s easy to hack your password if you accept it without it.Because the request is accepted before the request is accepted, Please see what the height is. 

 5. Read it properly before joining the App Permission.Sometimes we can log in to Facebook for some app and websites, and then focus on what they say before app permissions.For example, we all know Gaana app (music app) that we need to first log in to Facebook. First comes the Facebook login page. We pass the password mile id and then the app permission comes “We want your name, mail ID, date of birth” You can continue to give the Agree (continue) but some app or website, “We, your name, mile id, date of birth If you want to post it, then you’ll be able to post it in your Facebook page. If you want to post everything you want to do, then just enter the Name Mile ID day of birth, when the only deck I agree button One for your privacy If the thought of the reject.

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