How to use 4G JIO SIM on 3G mobile? Read this article to know ..

Now everyone has 4G mobile and jio sim but how do 3G mobile phones use GeoSim? Here are some of the 3G phones that can be activated on your phone by using the tricks given below.

Activating the SIM with 3G Phone:

First call your mobile number to 1800-200-200 Number before
There is a message that will link to your mobile after you call this number. Clicking on this link will re-direct the Play Store Aap.
Here you can install ‘My Geo Aap’ Download in Mobile.
Once this AAP is installed, open the ‘Get Jio Sim’ option. Then press the ‘Agree’ option. Then click ‘Get Geo Sim Offer’.
Then you set your location and select ‘Next’.
After this process a coat will appear on your mobile screen. Write this offer code. What to do after receiving the offer code? In 3G Phone, How To Use 4G? It is essential to activate it before using Geo Sim in 3G Phone.

If you do not have Geo on your phone using the method below, you will need to buy a new Volte mobile.

First approach: MTK Engineering App

1. Download the MTK Engineering App available at the Flare Store.
Then open it and enter your mobile code.
Then open the MTK settings, click on the Preffered Network Select option.
4. Select Network Mode LTE, WCDMA or GSM Mode and save the setting. 5. Finally restart your mobile. Following this you can use 4G SIM.

Second method: Xorware 2G / 3g / 4g App

First click on the Aap link you have provided here and download down. If you can not download the first link then try a second link. Https://
Install any link above. Then select the 4G option in Network Mode Selection.
After saving these settings, wait for 10 minutes to reboot the mobile.
Then set up Geo Sim for your phone and wait for 10-20 minutes. Geo can then be used by your phone. Following these steps can only activate geo data in your 3G phone. Not the call. You can try downloading the Jio 4G Voice App to get a free call service

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