The ransomware virus now attacks the smartphones you read it

According to the Indian Emergency Response Sanjay Bahl Vidon’s OS, Android users are more likely to be infected with Virus Apple, which is also a threat to the Internet.
In this sense everyone has called for a wakeful call.

India’s Modi’s Digital India program hackers It is also an eye still on a Calling for a digital payment., Bhim and other app and transfer the money through the acceptance of the In the smartphone, digital payment ips have been minors rather than extraordinary learned. Hackers This Ground-Swell to the Digital World Even More.

How Doe’s a Virus Attack Mobile?The virus will now be attacked by the virus. These viruses will come via email. Demand to download a file through the cash or other lure of Email. These e-mails are designed to look like a baro email from Thought something bigger. In .apps, such as the App type. This file is installed on our mobile. This application is appropriately defined Without this app, all the data in our mobile phone is available to the hacker, which means that debit-credit card information will reach out to them and they will be able to see the OTPs only on our mobile so that the money in our bank account does not disappear. It is possible that the account will be credited to their account.

How to keep your mobile from virus?* Most virus will look like a Chinese language and if such file is on your mobile, delete it* If any of the loyal Miles came, do not open it.* If you have an app that you have put in, then delete it if you have another app.* Removing viruses into porn sites. Think before going to such sites.* Do not download song, videos from a trusted site.* If you are downloading a suspicious file for automatics at the notification time, then delete it immediately.* If any suspicious file dowload is made, first turn off the Internet and delete it.* Get rid of viral apps found in these apps such apps may indicate higher permissions apps, which will help you to find fake apps.* Do not open anybody who is sending a link via Facebook. If such a link is pressed then the virus will be downloaded.* It is possible that files with virus can be flipped through Whatsapp so open the PDF file before opening the file.Primarily, this advice can be secured by safeguarding mobile phones from virus attacks.

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